asian-inspired flank steak wraps, gluten free

asian inspired gluten free steak wraps
grilled flank steak
flank steak wraps with sriracha

asian inspired gluten free steak wraps

A couple nights ago I found myself at my grandmother's doorstep. With me, I had a bag of herbs, freshly picked from the garden, a ziploc full of flank steak in an Asian-inspired (gluten-free) soy marinade, and a few other odds and ends destined for what I hoped would be the perfect summer wrap.

grilled rib-eye steaks with uncle andy's chimichurri sauce

The chimichurri sauce adorning these grilled rib-eyes is a classic Argentinean sauce made of herbs, garlic, red wine vinegar, and olive oil. A touch of red pepper flakes adds a subtle kick of heat that works well on beef, chicken, pork, or even fish! 

A few weeks ago, I had dinner up at my grandmother's house. My uncle Andy, a grilling master, was cooking us up some steaks. To accompany the perfectly grilled filets, he made a chimichurri sauce.

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